Patrice Evra receives ban until June 2018, contract terminated for kicking fan in head

Patrice Evra has been suspended from European club play until June 30, 2018 for kicking a fan in the head before a match earlier in the month. Evra's contract with Marseille was also terminated as a result of the incident, after Marseille initially suspended the 36-year-old star indefinitely. The club said that the contract termination was done "by mutual agreement."

Evra was also fined €10,000 by UEFA. As Evra's ban applies to European club play only, he could still play domestically if the French Football Association allows. Marseille released a statement on the ban and termination, thanking Evra for his contributions to the team but also conceding that he couldn't be kept on.

By mutual agreement, Olympique de Marseille and Patrice Evra decided to end their collaboration. The player's contract is officially terminated with immediate effect.

Since January 2017, Patrice Evra has been exemplary in the field and in the locker room. He played an important role in the revival of the team, the significant improvement of its results, the revival of a high sporting ambition.

Last November 2 in Guimarães, he committed the irreparable by responding to provocations unworthy of a handful of individuals. However, nothing in the background and especially in the form, justified such a skid, especially from a senior player as experienced whose attitude on the ground and off should inspire the youngest.

In such a context, the conditions were no longer met for Patrice Evra to accomplish his mission serenely and above all effectively. Both parties agreed and decided to discontinue their collaboration by mutual agreement.

Marseille, however, did not put the onus entirely on Evra. It also mentioned that the fan on the receiving end of the kick instigated the confrontation, and highlighted an issue with fans harassing players on the pitch.

This incident also highlighted the unacceptable attitude of a small number of people who uttered insults and verbal threats of a rare violence towards the player and his family, and then invaded the ground in contempt. regulation.

Such behaviors, which expose the club to sanctions, have no place in the stands of a football stadium and at Olympique de Marseille in particular, where love for his team and support for his players make the Marseille public the best 12th man in France and a reference of European supportism.

If the club is particularly attached to the atmosphere in turns and recognizes the tireless and sometimes difficult work of groups of supporters, it intends to punish those of them who make this kind of slippage. In addition, regular meetings with the representatives of the groups will continue and will provide an opportunity to review the measures needed to prevent such excesses.     

Marseille's president Jacques-Henri Eyraud also weighed in, bemoaning Evra -- and Marseille's -- damaged reputation due to the incident.

Today, there is sadness. For Patrice Evra first, who obviously understood all the consequences of his action and who will no longer be able to exercise his passion at Olympique de Marseille. For Marseille fans then, who are stigmatized because of the irresponsible behavior of a handful of them.For the institution finally, whose reputation is tainted while it has exemplary behaviors of all one of the essential bases of its recovery project. Despite this incident, we are more than ever determined to demonstrate on and off the field that we are driven by the highest individual and collective demands.

Marseilles was fined €25,000 by UEFA for damage done to Guimaraes' grounds, and has expressed regret over the incident. Guimaraes was also fined €5,000 for a pitch invasion. It is unknown at this time whether or not Evra will pursue playing domestically in France, but the mutual agreement behind the contract termination implies that there is a good chance that he will try to play elsewhere.

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