Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor is suggesting that the Premier League should consider having shorter games in order to finish up the 2019-20 season. Taylor, in an interview with BBC Radio 4's "Today," said that under 45-minute halves should be an option to get in all of the remaining matches with the current season needing to be completed at some point this summer. The Premier League has said the idea is off the table, according to BBC Sport

Rick Parry, the English Football League chairman, said there has not been any discussions about regarding shorter games.

"I don't think we should be ruling out any creative ideas," Parry said. 

The Premier League is aiming to return by June 8, with the possibility of matches taking place at various neutral venues. If a neutral venue were to be used for various teams, then shorter halves could potentially allow more games to be played. 

"We don't know the future but we do know what propositions have been put, what ideas have been put -- the possibility of having more substitutes, games possibly not being the full 45 minutes each way, talks of neutral stadiums," Taylor said. 

"Ideally, you want to keep the integrity of the competition, and of course, that was about playing home and away and having the same squad of players as before it was suspended.

"The very fact that you are in professional sport, you need to be very resilient. You need to be able to bounce back because you'll get more setbacks than you will good times, and I would like to think that's how my members are."

The Premier League is expected to meet and further discuss options next week.

"So it remains in process and we shall just have to wait and see, and look at it on a day-by-day basis and see if it's achievable. But if we don't try, then it's never going to be achievable," Taylor said. 

"There's lots of points to be made, but above all, can the seasons be completed and can they be completed safely?"