The official decision on what the Premier League will do for the remainder of its season is still a week away, but there appears to already be a plan in place if the return of league play gets green lit. ESPN's Mark Ogden reveals that the idea is to have the final games of the 2019-20 Premier League season played behind closed doors in neutral venues.

This move will reportedly assuage the biggest fear the league had, which was fans gathering en masse within stadium grounds. The plan would involve playing the remaining 92 games of the season at locations like Wembley Stadium and one other ground that has yet to be named, according to Ogden's report. That being said, concern of fans gathering outside of stadiums during important games has yet to be truly addressed beyond eliminating home and away games for the rest of the season.

The vote on this monumental decision will take place on May 8, as ESPN also reported. This Friday, however, the league's hierarchy met to discuss Project Restart, a government-funded plan to bring the sport back by around summertime. The goals of that project are in line with that of the Premier League, which has insisted that the league be played to completion by seemingly any means necessary--within proper health and safety guidelines, of course.

What this potential move also means is that even if Liverpool wins its first league title since 1990 -- which it seems will happen in all likelihood -- the team will not get to clinch it at Anfield. On the other end of the table, no decision on what to do with relegation has been officially made.

The Premier League has been suspended since March 13.