PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund score: Neymar carries Paris Saint-Germain into Champions League quarterfinals

The plan seemed rather simple for Paris Saint-Germain in the early stage of the second leg of its round of 16 Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday: Dominate possession and get the goal that will break the tie as early as possible. But this Dortmund side had a decent counter for that strategy. Much like their supporters back home, they were set to form a yellow wall and stop PSG from getting any and all threats.

For a brief period of time, it worked. The Parisians dominated possession early and often but were frustrated into just pinging the ball among themselves as they could not find any cracks to slip through. But that only held until the 28th minute.

After giving up a corner to their opponents, Dortmund collectively committed a two-pronged error that resulted into PSG's first goal. First, they left a hole wide open for Neymar to slot into and, from a kneeling position, head Angel Di Maria's cross into the back of the net. The second mistake came from Dortmund keeper Roman Burki, who could have very easily left his line to challenge for the ball, which looked to be not that far from him.

PSG would again require a self-inflicted wound form Dortmund to get another goal on the evening. A lazy giveaway from the German side found its way over to Neymar, who found Juan Bernat on the right side of the box. The PSG man fired a low cross, and the ball took a very lucky deflection off of the leg of Lukasz Piszczek before bounding into the net to double the French side's lead.

From there, all PSG had to do was hold on with stiff defending to carry their 3-2 aggregate score into the quarterfinals, which they spent all of the second half doing.

The game was played in an empty Parc des Princes as no spectators are allowed at the venue in an effort to keep everyone in Paris safe from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

PSG 2, Borussia Dortmund 0 (FT)

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FINAL: Paris Saint-Germain 2, Borussia Dortmund 0 (3-2 agg.)

The Parisians take their lead early and hold onto it for dear life to send their yellow clad opponents home.


90+1' PSG sub

Kouassi on, Paredes off.


90' Extra time

Four minutes


89' Things get chippy

Can brings down Neymar hard close to the touchline and immediately gets in the Brazilian's face about going down. The two touch faces and then Can makes the mistake of putting his arms out for Neymar to easily go to ground over. A mild scuffle breaks out and once things are settled, Can is sent off and Di Maria gets booked for saying too much from the bench.


78' PSG sub

Di Maria off, Kurzawa on. The Parisians want to hold, but Dortmund are throwing more threats forward.


77' Dortmund chance

The first threat to Keylor Navas this whole evening. Dortmund arrive the the final third on a counter, and Brandt's shot from the edge of the box gets deflected over the bar by Gueye.


73' Dortmund shot

Piszczek lays the ball off for Brandt, who fires a low shot that goes harmlessly wide from 18 yards.


72' Another Dortmund sub

Reyna on, Witsel off. The midfielder went down with a knock and has been replaced by the 17-year-old. Dortmund will hope this gives the team the push they need.


69' PSG yellow card, Dortmund sub

Bernat gets booked for a careless lunge at Sancho. He pleads with the ref that he "got the ball" but it's to no avail. For Dortmund: Brandt on, Hazard off.


63' PSG substitution

Kylian Mbappe comes on for Sarabia, meaning his sickness could not keep him down.


61' Dortmund yellow card

Cavani was chasing after the ball when Hummels made a cynical tackle on the PSG man, who appeared to be on the break. Ref only awards a yellow card.


54' PSG chance

Di Maria tries to catch Burki out with a beautiful free kick from a fair distance out. It forces the Dortmund keeper to stretch out and knock the ball away for a corner, which turns to nothing.


50' Dortmund dominating possession

The German side has been hoarding all of the possession in the early portion of this half. Doesn't seem like PSG is interested in getting any for themselves, but it's not as if Dortmund are turning any of this into meaningful offense.


Second half underway!

The players are back out for the final 45 of this match. Dortmund begins with the ball.


HALF: Paris Saint-Germain 2, Borussia Dortmund 0

A Neymar header started it, and Juan Bernat's deflected cross doubled it for the Parisians. How will Dortmund respond in the second half?


45+1' GOAL PSG! 2-0 (3-2 agg.)

PSG double their lead! Neymar takes advantage of a weak giveaway from Dortmund and feeds Barnat in the box. His low cross bounces off Piszczek and bounces into the far corner.


41' Dortmund shot

Hazard tries a shot from the right-hand corner of the box, but the shot goes a few yards wide. He has Hakimi available in an an overlap on the right, but Hazard is unable to get the ball to him.


36' Free kick Dortmund

Sancho gets a free kick about 10 yards outside the box. The ensuing shot gets in the hands of Navas, who requires to attempts to safely corral it.


34' Dortmund moving forward without any threats

Dortmund have started to move their way up the pitch, but none of their pushes have manifested themselves into any threatening offensive pushes. The good news for the visitors is that the German side is dominating the ball.


28' GOAL Paris Saint-Germain! 1-0 (2-2 agg.)

Neymar exploits some poor defending from Dortmund where they left some wide open space for the Brazilian to sink low and get his head to the ball off of a corner from Di Maria. One has to wonder whether Burki could have gone out to corral that for himself.


27' Dortmund foul

Free kick given to PSG just 10 yards outside the box. Neymar was tripped seconds before Cavani was clipped in the box, but the ref called it back. The shot goes away for a corner kick.


25' Chance for PSG

Cavani very nearly scores the first goal of the match with a hard driven shot after Di Maria sets him up on a breakaway. Roman Bürki steps up to make just enough contact with the ball to send it away from goal.


23' PSG flop

Di Maria gets touched on the arm just outside of the box, but falls as if he's been tripped hard. He's lucky not to get a yellow card for simulation.


19' Chance for Dortmund

Dortmund's Hakimi sends over a beautiful cross that nobody in yellow is able to catch. Guerreiro then gets it on the other side and chips the ball to Sancho. The volley ultimately flies way off target.


16' Dortmund yellow card

Haaland catches Paredes with a late tackle, and the PSG player holds his face.


14' PSG dominates possession

PSG have had most of the ball but have had meager success trying to cut through a stout Dortmund defense that has held firm so far. Worth noting that both sides have looked a bit sluggish, as if something about the atmosphere is throwing them off their game.


9' PSG injury

Neymar is on the ground getting his shoulder treated. He appears to have hurt it while falling down after stumbling. Trainers help him off for a brief moment, but then Neymar returns

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