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The bus carrying Real Madrid players ahead of the team's Champions League match against Liverpool was attacked on Wednesday. A thrown missile reportedly hit a window on the vehicle, and smashed it, per reports.

As of this posting, it appears that no players or staff members on the bus were seriously harmed in the incident. ESPN reports that security officials at Anfield tried to stop reporters from filming and photographing the vehicle in the aftermath of the incident, but some were able to get video anyways.

"We condemn unequivocally the actions that led to Real Madrid's team bus being damaged during its arrival to Anfield this evening," a Liverpool club spokesman said in a statement. "It is totally unacceptable and shameful behaviour of a few individuals."

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Real Madrid's director of institutional relations spoke about the incident to Spanish TV station Movistar.

"It is a shame. The truth is it's a shame that this happened. This is a party for football, Liverpool vs. Real Madrid, it's one of the best games that a fan can see. It's a shame. The relationship between the clubs is really good, Liverpool's directors have apologized, and now we will focus on the game."

Real Madrid entered the second leg of their quarterfinal match against the reigning Premier League champions up 3-1 after the first leg in Spain.