Real Madrid fullback Marcelo may have to miss the second leg of his club's Champions League semifinal match against Chelsea next week due to patriotic duties. The 32-year-old was called up for election duty in Madrid the day before the match, which is set to take place at Stamford Bridge.

Election duty is much like jury duty in the United States as far as the selection process is concerned. So long as you have citizenship in the country -- Marcelo got Spanish citizenship in 2011 -- there will be a time in which you are randomly selected to take part in the responsibility. Thus, one of the most famous athletes in the country will be working a polling station during upcoming local elections. 

However, there is a chance that Marcelo could find himself exempt from all of this. Spanish law dictates that there are circumstances in which an individual can forego this work, such as professional obligations like an upcoming match in the world's most prestigious soccer competition. Real Madrid are naturally doing everything in their power to resolve this issue, as they're scheduled to fly into London on May 4 for the match on May 5.

This would not be a particularly pressing issue under recent circumstances as Marcelo has lost his spot to Ferland Mendy, but the Brazilian's replacement is out with a calf injury, and his availability for the second leg of the tie is in doubt. The Spanish giants drew with Chelsea 1-1 in the first leg of the competition, with the English club leading on away goals.