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Rene Higuita is of a different breed. The 51-year-old former professional goalkeeper, who hasn't changed his 1980s hairstyle, does marches to the beat of his own drum off the pitch, which in the past has gotten him in trouble with the law. On the pitch, he also did things how he wanted. Having played in Colombia, Spain and Mexico, he was known as a goal-scoring goalkeeper, but what he is most known for is having the courage to pull off scorpion kicks when in goal to save shots. Yes, that's right. He would leap forward, throw his legs toward his back and clear balls off the line, pulling off a never-before-seen move that lifted him from a quality goalkeeper to a superstar-like player just because he could pull that off. Have a look:

Unfortunately for him, he is in a negative light after a recent dust-up at a soccer game. A friendly match on Saturday in Houston between Colombian clubs America de Cali and Atletico Nacional saw Higuita punch a fan in the face after receiving insults. Higuita, who played for Atletico Nacional, was being taunted by a Cali fan, who continued to get closer and closer, and Higuita lost his cool. Take a look:

Not a good look at all. First, fans shouldn't go toward athletes or ex-athletes like that, thinking they are immune to any type of violence. And on the flip side, Higuita has to know to let the taunts go and be the bigger man. Instead, you have one who probably has a nice bruise this morning, the other who could be in some trouble and both who look like complete fools. 

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