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Ahead of Copa America, could there be trouble among the Brazil national team? Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has spoken out, calling this team, "one of the worst [Brazillian] teams in recent history" in a statement on Instagram. While on one hand it could be taken as motivation for a squad that has struggled recently as it looks to take the Copa America title back from rivals Argentina, if it isn't, these are some pointed words.

"That's it folks, I've had enough. This is a sad moment for those who love Brazilian soccer. It's getting hard to find the spirit to watch the games. This is perhaps one of the worst teams in recent years, it has no respectable leaders, only average players for the majority. I've been following football since I was a kid, long before I thought about becoming a player and I've never seen a situation as bad as this. Lack of love for the shirt, lack of grit, and the most important of all: football," Ronaldinho said in a statement.

"I'll repeat, our performance has been one of the worst things that I've ever seen. Such a shame. I therefore declare my resignation. I will not watch any CONMEBOL Copa America game nor celebrate any victory."

Given that Ronaldinho recently did a Nike ad with Vinicius Junior, the timing of this is curious but Brazil did suffer a setback in drawing a match that they could've won against the United States because of their lack of finishing. Brazilian legends have used things like this to motivate the Seleçāo in the past, such as Pelé picking Colombia to win the 1994 World Cup, a tournament that Brazil eventually won, but even if this is a motivating tactic, all is not well with the national team.  

Girona right back Yan Couto stated that the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) asked him to remove the pink from his hair during national team games. He notably played with pink hair during the club season but ahead of Copa Americ, it is now gone as he has gone with a closer cut. "It was a request, basically. They said that pink is a bit 'wobbly' like that. I don't think so but I'll respect it, right? They asked me, I'm going to do it" Couto said in an interview with UOL

There are reports that CBF has now implemented guidelines that players aren't to do things such as, wear flashy earrings and necklaces, use social media discreetly, and take care to convey an image of seriousness. 

The CBF has denied the existence of those guidelines releasing a statement

"The CBF reaffirms its commitment to freedom, plurality, the right to self-expression and free construction of the personality of each individual who works for the entity or defends the Brazilian National Team. For the entity, employee performance speaks for itself. CBF's commitment is to good football and best management practices. Each employee or athlete must have autonomy over their own appearance, beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender expression."

Expression has long been part of Brazilian soccer even down to the style of play as jogo bonito was popularized by Pelé's play wowing all those who saw him and the national team in action. Even if what Ronaldinho is saying are words of motivation, there are truths that the Seleçāo will need to combat if they are to win Copa America.

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