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The soccer world was rocked earlier this week when 12 of Europe's high-profile clubs announced that they planned to form a Super League. The Super League would've offered permanent spots to all 12 clubs and those clubs would have played midweek matches. However, on Tuesday, the Super League proved to be short-lived as the new league was put on pause to "reconsider the appropriate steps to reshape the project" after several clubs withdrew.

During Wednesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on the dismantling of the Super League and how it will be perceived.

"This will go down in history in the sport of football, but also in North American sports as a failed coup attempt," Samson said. "I'm talking about a sports coup of the haves to get more from the have-nots. And these clubs completely ignored their customers and fan bases. How can it be that that many billionaires are that clueless?"

On Tuesday, the Super League lost the support of all six Premier League clubs that were initially slated to join the new league. Barcelona and Real Madrid were the only clubs that didn't release a statement following the collapse of the Super League.

Chelsea became the first team to back out of the Super League and Manchester City followed suit a short time later. Throughout the process, the formation of the Super League was adamantly opposed by FIFA and UEFA.