Watch Now: Premier League Can Return To Play June 1 (1:22)

Serie A, Italy's top soccer flight, has voted on June 13 as the target date to return to play, pending government approval. The vote came down on Wednesday, according to Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri. The league now awaits for the government's approval, and the two sides have hurdles to clear, including how to handle a positive COVID-19 test from a player. 

Play has been stopped for more than two months in Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Several clubs in Serie A have had players tests positive for the virus, including Juventus star Paulo Dybala, who tested positive four times. Fiorentina and Sampdoria have also been hit hard with various first-team players contracting COVID-19. Italy has had nearly 31,000 coronavirus deaths, the world's third-highest mark.

The big question moving forward is the protocol for when someone tests positive. The government wants there to be a quarantine for the entire team and staff members, threatening to suspend play if that protocol is not used.

Meanwhile, Serie A wants to follow the model of the Bundesliga. In the German league, if someone tests positive, they are isolated from the team until they recover, with everyone being tested frequently. Putting an entire team into quarantine for two weeks would result in more postponed matches and put the completion of the season at risk.

Serie A teams will be able to resume team training on Monday as they await further progress on talks.

The German Bundesliga returns to action this Saturday, while France's Ligue 1 had its season called off with sports banned in the country until September. La Liga and the Premier League are hopeful that they will return to play in June.