Ireland's fans have been the tops. Getty Images

While some Russia and England fans have caused nothing but trouble at Euro 2016, Ireland's fans can't be beaten. The team was eliminated from the competition by France on Sunday, meaning we probably won't see much more greatness from their fans, but their fans have their own fans all over the world for their actions. Here's a look back at what gems they have delivered.

1. They dented the roof of a car and fixed it right away

2. They serenaded a French girl

3. Irish fans also danced with Swedish fans

4. Singing with the French police, even making one officer sing

5. Don't forget their in-flight performance
6. This one is my favorite -- singing to a French baby

7. Oh, and they sang to a nun. Yes, really.

Cheers to the Irish for showing the world what being a soccer fan is all about and how to live looking at the glass half full.

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