Tottenham Hotspur is sorry for asking U.S. fans if a woman's place is 'in the home'

If you got the United States fan survey sent out by the Premier League's Tottenham Hotspur Football Club this week, then you were probably asked a most pressing question regarding your soccer intake.

Is a woman's place "in the home?"

Whoops. Whether or not the Real Madrid farm team actually intended to distribute such a remark to its American following may never be known, but that's exactly what appeared in some emails, as documented by Jeff Maysh on Twitter:

The survey, as seen in Maysh's screenshots, asks fans to mark one of five answers to the proposition -- definitely agree, tend to agree, neither agree nor disagree, tend to disagree or definitely disagree. It does not, however, explain just why any opinion on the matter pertains to soccer, Tottenham or its U.S. audience.

The franchise has since apologized for the survey question, as reported by BBC, calling its inclusion "wholly unacceptable and a regrettable oversight." A third party was apparently charged with creating the survey for the team, which also said it was sorry for the "initial inclusion" of the question and has now removed the question from future emails to U.S. fans:

The email, which had a club crest at the top, read: "We have an ongoing commitment to learn more about the specific requirements of our loyal fans and everyone who interacts with the club.

"Therefore, we're seeking your help to increase our understanding of what you think about Spurs and football/sport in general."

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