British artist JME one said "You're not serious, don't say, 'serious.'" And now with the second leg of the Champions League coming up, we are here to rank the  Champions League teams from least to most unserious. If you're upset with the rankings, you might just be a very unserious human being.

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Manchester City
Despite Manchester United ending their unbeaten run, City are the hottest team in the world and tasting defeat should spur them on. They play slick football and are devastating, maybe this is the year City put their demons behind and win their elusive Champions League.
Bayern Munich
We can break down stats, Xs and Os, and tactics but what's important is that this is Bayern Munich. They have experience, they're the current champions and they have the great equalizer in Robert Lewandowski. They can spot you a couple of goals and still make you feel unserious. Just ask Dortmund.
They almost won the Champions League last season but they ran into the juggernaut that is Bayern Munich. PSG have had some very unserious actions in the Champions League but with Mauricio Pochettino at the helm, Kylian Mbappe purring, Neymar on his way back, and Marco Verratti pulling strings, PSG can finally become serious.
Real Madrid
Count 'em: 13 Champions League titles -- the most, ever. Real Madrid are never to be counted out in the Champions League, this is their tournament. Their injury list is dwindling down. Karim Benzema is back. Real Madrid winning the Champions League? Would not be shocking.
Their form in the league should have them as number 16, the most unserious. However, they are heading to Budapest to face Leipizig on neutral ground with a 2-0 advantage. Could the Champions League be the elixir for Jurgen Klopp's unserious title challengers?
Chelsea are good? Yeah they are good. Thomas Tuchel has not lost since they hired him, teams rarely score on them and they are purring. They have looked a lot more serious compared to Frank Lampard's reign earlier in the season.
Atletico Madrid
They are down 1-0 against Chelsea but Diego SImeone's men are stubborn. Marcos Llorente has been in amazing form. Despite his aging years, Luis Suarez has shown signs of his greatness (see his goal against Real Madrid).
As great as Juventus have been in Serie A in the last decade, no club has experienced more heartache in Champions League finals than Juventus. They have lost seven finals. It's very unserious behavior from Juventus. Coming into the second leg against Porto they trail by a goal but should have an equalizer in Cristiano Ronaldo, so they should be fine.
La remontada, kings of the comeback, except, they do not have Neymar or Suarez. But they do have Lionel Messi. They go to Paris down 4-1, spurred on by Joan Laporta's presidency, and a Copa Del Rey final. Can Barcelona shock the world?
Borussia Dortmund
If there is ever a team who defines unserious, it is Dortmund. We want them to win. They're so fun! They've entertained us throughout the years with tons of young players. But when the lights shine bright, Dortmund go full Dortmund. Going against Sevilla with a 3-2 aggregate lead should be fine. Right? Right?
RB Leipzig
Julian Nagelsmann's team plays an exciting brand of football and they are very talented but with that said, unseriousness is contagious. They play against Liverpool who despite being in awful form, are good in the Champions League.
Always watch Atalanta! They are a fun team but you never know what you get with them. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe not. They received a harsh red card last time out against Real Madrid.
Porto are hot and cold. They sprung a surprise against Juventus last time out but they are playing against Mr. Champions League himself. Ronaldo loves a second leg, he did it to them 12 years ago.
Since losing to Dortmund 3-2, they have picked up one win in their last 4 matches but we all know football is illogical. Sevilla have shown they can play great football, but they have an unserious gene in them. Going against Haaland, even without an injured Sancho, with three away goals, here we go.
Their form in Serie A is not ideal and they play Bayern Munich who beat them 4-1, there is no other way to describe this but, they are unserious.
Borussia Monchengladbach
Since announcing Marco Rose was leaving (in the middle of the season mind you), Monchengladbach have not won a game and they are in freefall. It is very unserious behavior to announce your manager is leaving in the middle of the season. We can see how badly that has gone. It also does not help that they face Manchester City, who are likely fired up after losing to their cross-town rivals.