If you haven't heard by now, 2016 has been a year to forget for Hope Solo. She was yelled at by fans at the Summer Olympics for being so vocal about the Zika virus, the U.S. was shocked in the quarterfinals by Sweden and then she called the Swedes cowards.

After all of that, she was suspended and had her contract terminated with U.S. Soccer.

On Tuesday, U.S. coach Jill Ellis spoke out about her goalkeeper, per Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated.

"Over time, there's been off-the-field distractions, and the federation has taken action. Each time action has been taken, there's been made clear an expectation that this would be the last time such step would be necessary. Sadly, Hope's postgame comments forced us to make a significant decision. It wasn't a decision just made about comments. It was a sum total of action that have unfortunately shown a negative light on our program."

Strong words from the coach. And they lead you to believe that Solo will never return to the national team. The World Cup winner has been the star in goal for most of the 21st century, but it looks like she has used up all her chances to get her head on straight.

So what do you think of her coach's comments? Spot on or too harsh?

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