Alex Morgan and her teammates are still celebrating their World Cup win, and on Monday night the USWNT took the celebrations to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Morgan, Ali Kreiger and Ashlyn Harris presented the award for best collaboration, given how much they all collaborate on the field, and were introduced by host and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco by saying "hashtag goals." Clever.

The trio also prepared a perfectly timed "tea sip" as a nod to Morgan before presenting the award. 

Morgan famously sipped tea after scoring a goal against England in the World Cup, and while some were not a fan of the gesture, she got support from some big names on the other side of the pond. "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner, known for using the "sips tea" bit herself, loved it. After Morgan sipped tea on the world sage, Turner went on social media to show her support for the soccer star, despite her home country losing to the American bunch. 

On Monday night at the VMAs, the two were finally able to collaborate and have the much awaited tea party.

Alex Morgan via Instagram

Morgan said it was Turner's idea to take the photo.

"She made me. I do what the queen says," No. 13 posted on her Instagram story. 

In the past, Morgan had given the "Game of Thrones" actress some of the credit for her tea sipping inspiration and Turner was taken back by the mention saying, "I'm honored that you thought of me."