Chile soccer fans should be excited. After all, the team finds itself in a final for the third straight summer. This year, it's the Confederations Cup, where it will play in the final against either Germany or Mexico on Sunday. But they shouldn't be this excited. 

And while video is circulating around Chile showing a doctors and nurses celebrating during the penalty kicks which saw the South Americans advance ... all while they seem to be performing some type of procedure on a patient. Take a look:

According to news source BioBioChile, its uncertain where exactly this took place in the country, but it did raise concerns over why they are watching the game during what looks like surgery. 

But what in the world? I get it that in most South American countries, the ranking of importance goes:

1) Family
2) Soccer
3) Food

But life is pretty important too, isn't it? Not saying the patient was in jeopardy, but this certainly is not what you would want your doctor doing if you were in surgery. 

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