WATCH: Fight nearly breaks out after soccer player uses witchcraft to score goal

Here's something you may not have known -- soccer in Rwanda is lit.

In a recent match in the African nation, Mukura Victory was leading Rayon Sports 1-0 when Moussa Camara headed a ball off the post as he tried to bring his team level. He then ran to the post and put something next to it which supposedly was him trying to use witchcraft on the post. What happens next is insane. The opposing players start chasing him off the field and Camara nearly got involved in a tussle as a result. But the story doesn't end there. He scores a goal. Take a look.

The Rwandan soccer federation has since banned Witchcraft according to UOL Esporte, and we are gifted with one of the most bizarre and hilarious soccer videos of 2016.

For a little context on this, I reached out to a bud of mine from Togo, who suspects it had to do with a talisman -- which is an object that is thought to have magic powers to bring good luck, and it's usually a ring or stone. It looks like the attacker either put some kind of good luck talisman on the post or removed one the goalkeeper may have out there and got chased down.

Hilarious as can be. Witchcraft and soccer, two things none of us expected to see together.

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