WATCH: Indoor soccer player scores a goal and drains a 3-pointer all at once

If you've spent countless hours trying to perfect that one trick shot you can record and upload to become Internet famous, it might be time to start hanging out with indoor soccer players.

Footy Vines shared a video this week that should explain exactly why. In it, we catch a glimpse of gymnasium glory -- a kid who somehow manages not only to score a penalty shot in futsal, or hard-court soccer, but drain a 3-pointer with his discarded shoe at the very same time:

Note the perfect backboard placement of the shoe, which could not have been shed with any more grace. Also, in the event you did not watch the magical feat with the volume up and therefore missed the screaming children, note that these kids are probably more excited for this unintentional double whammy than they ever were for rocking pinnies in gym-class soccer games.

Our dual-score hero, of course, probably couldn't do this again if he kept trying for the rest of his life. But he also accomplished something most of us never will, so he's also got that to cling to for eternity.

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