WATCH: Mike Piazza, Italian soccer owner, had an amazing, furious press conference

Mike Piazza is freakin' pissed off, people.

The former New York Mets catcher has owned Italian third-division soccer club AC Reggiana since 2016, hoping to lead them back to prominence in the Italian soccer scene. (They were a Serie A team before being relegated in 1997.) Unfortunately, things aren't going so smoothly for Piazza and his club. 

The baseball Hall of Famer is not pleased with the rent he's being charged for Reggiana's home stadium, which is actually owned by Sassuolo, a neighboring Serie A club. The stadium was sold at auction after Reggiana went bankrupt a few years following relegation, and now the team has to pay Sassuolo to continue playing there. 

That's a source of embarrassment for the community, and it's a strong source of frustration for Piazza, who held a press conference last week to showcase just how furious he is about the whole situation. 

And, boy, let me tell you, that man is MAAAAAAAAAD.

This presser is an amazing piece of theater, and there are plenty of unintentionally hilarious things about it. That being said, nothing is funnier than the juxtaposition of the steaming mad Piazza slamming his fist on the table and borderline-screaming at the press, then having to sit back and listen while his ultra-calm translator passes on his message in Italian. 

(Also, it seems a bit unfair that the translator doesn't get one of those fancy race car chairs. Someone should do something about that.)

But if you can look past that piece of hair stuck to Piazza's forehead, you'll see a man who is completely fed up with his current predicament. He's sunk too much money into this team and given it too much press -- THE NEW YORK TIMES, PEOPLE! -- to be taken advantage of by Sassuolo.

Piazza clearly wanted to send a strong message with this press conference, so mission accomplished. He doesn't want charity, he wants what is fair. And, above all else ...

Thoughts and prayers to those poor Italian tables.

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