Manchester United rolled in the FA Cup third round on Saturday, beating Reading 4-0. Wayne Rooney made history in the match with his 249th goal, but after the match at Old Trafford he got rejected.

Rooney tried to swap jerseys with Reading's George Evans, and Evans didn't do oblige. Take a look.

Now, I have three theories as to why this may be. I mean, Wayne Rooney is a world soccer star, so why would someone not want to swap jerseys?

1) Evans, Reading's 22-year-old player, started his career at Manchester City. He never appeared in an official match for the Citizens, but that is where his pro career began, and City is one of United's rivals. Maybe he just didn't like the thought of having anything that belonged to the red side of Manchester. Just like you aren't going to find a Real Madrid item in Lionel Messi's house, a Barcelona item in Cristiano Ronaldo's house or a River Plate item in my house. It's about respect and honor, while sticking it to the rival.

2) He isn't allowed to swap? Reading isn't a Premier League club, so funds are considerably lower being in the Championship. Maybe those clubs just are told not to swap jerseys. For Manchester United, getting another isn't a problem. And while it probably isn't for Reading, it's just a thought.

3) Guilt. This was a historic day for Rooney as he matched club legend Bobby Charlton atop the Red Devils' all-time scoring chart. Perhaps Evans thought he shouldn't take it because it was worn by Rooney on a special day.

I'm not a betting man, but my fake money is on No. 1.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter. Because Evans tweeted that he decided to "clear it up" and got the jersey.

It was fun while it lasted, City fans.

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