FIFA president Infantino wants big changes to transfer rules including end of January transfer window

FIFA president Gianni Infantino doesn't deny the the current transfer landscape of world soccer needs some work, and he's hoping the governing body can make some massive changes in the near future. With unimaginable deals like Neymar's $263 million move to PSG and over $100 million deals becoming more common, what can be done to keep things from getting further out of hand and help clubs? 

Here's what to know: 

End of January transfer window

According to L'Equipe, Infantino wants to end the January transfer window completely, not allowing teams to make moves midway through the season. That would mean Philippe Coutinho would have had to wait till the summer for his move to Barcelona, for example. 

It's an interesting desire, but the winter window is certainly necessary, within reason. Some clubs suffer so many injuries to a position that signing somebody, at least on loan, is almost a must. 

The thought here is that you finish the season with the players you start the season, though when you look at other major sports, especially in the United States, you can make changes to your roster for a good portion of the season. 

Close summer window before season starts

Infantino wants the summer window to close in early August, as ESPN points out.

"I makes sense when you start the season to know what your squad is. And then you play the season with your squad. You [should not] be able to change one week, two week or months into the season and risk losing maybe your best player. It's not right. We have to protect the values [that] have made football what it is, [as well as the game's] integrity," Infantino said. 

This one makes perfect sense. The transfer window is open for far too long and should be closed by, say, August 5th. Being able to make some massive changes almost a month into your season is absurd and not quite fair. A massive club doesn't like the start to their season, so they go and spend $100 million on a player to try and fix it. 

Control amount of players loaned out and a salary cap

Infantino also wants to control how much teams can spend and how many players a team can loan out. The former just isn't a part of the game, but it is certainly some would like to see to give smaller teams a better chance of competing. There's no reason why several players valued at over $30 million should rot on Real Madrid's bench (looking at you, Dani Ceballos), collecting massive check after massive check and not really boosting their careers from a quality standpoint. But don't expect to see a cap anytime soon.

But when it comes to loans, that's a must. 

Chelsea currently has 37 (yes, 37) players out on loan. They own the rights to these players, but they are playing elsewhere and in some situations having some, if not most, of their salaries paid by other clubs. Limiting loans to say 10, five that can go to first division clubs and five that can go to lower division clubs, seems fair. 

What's next?

Infantino will discuss these proposed changes at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Thursday, Feb. 28. 

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