Philadelphia Union Twitter

The Supporters' Shield raised by the Philadelphia Union during MLS Decision Day on Sunday was not the actual shield the team was supposed to be celebrating with. Fans may have noticed the difference as the Union celebrated having the league's best regular season record. 

There was a simple explanation for why the real trophy wasn't there: it did not did arrive from Los Angeles in time. The story of the replacement shield, however, is a bit more interesting. It involves Philadelphia's web manager's fiancee's sister's boyfriend and a Captain America prop. 

According to Andrew Wiebe of MLS, the team was about to use a 16-inch pizza tray covered in a vinyl sticker as their backup plan. But someone from the team said they "knew a guy with a shield." In comes hero Jeremy (the web manager's fiancee's sister's boyfriend), who had a full-fledged Captain America costume, complete with a shield. This is no low-key Halloween costume from Spirit Halloween, this thing is legit.

The team then drove to see Jeremy and pick up his shield, and used a heat gun to put the vinyl Supporters' Shield on top. The Union made sure to thank Jeremy for his contribution on their official Twitter page.

Jeremy isn't a sports fan, but liked the idea of helping out, he even said he would donate the makeshift shield on one condition, the league replaces his. Seems like a fair deal.

Shoutout to the local Captain America for saving the day once again. Avengers, Assemble!