2014 FIFA World Cup: Costa earns dubious penalty vs. Netherlands

The World Cup has not gotten off to a great start in regards to officiating.

First, it was an apparent dive from Brazil's Fred that was called a penalty and changed the course of the Brazil-Croatia game to open the World Cup on Thursday. Then on Friday, Mexico had two goals wiped away due to bad offside calls.

Now, it was Diego Costa of Spain who appeared to dive his way into a penalty kick that opened the scoring in Friday's highly anticipated matchup between the defending champions and the Netherlands.

Here's a look at the play:

To the credit of the official, it appeared in live action that Netherlands defender Sefan De Vrij may have slid into Costa's plant foot. However, replays showed that it was actually Costa who stepped on De Vrij and either fell or allowed himself to fall. His shout to the official, however, was clearly in demand of a penalty that did not appear to exist and helped to force the call.

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