After 7-0, Neymar reportedly turned semifinal off, played poker

Like his teammate David Luiz, Neymar couldn't stand to watch it. (Getty Images)

Brazilian striker Neymar couldn’t handle watching his side implode in the semifinal against Germany on Tuesday, so instead he opted to play poker. After Andre Schurrle scored his second goal, upping Germany's advantage to 7-0, Neymar reportedly flipped his home television off and wanted to play cards. 

"I don't want to watch this s***. Let's go and play poker," he said, according to the Spanish outlet Marca.

Neymar wasn’t fit for Brazil’s 7-1 pounding at the hands of the Germans after suffering a broken vertebra late in the quarterfinals against Colombia. He settled in on Tuesday hoping to see his side, also without defender Thiago Silva, advance to the World Cup finals.

The Germans destroyed Brazil’s depleted backline, knocking in five first-half goals. That wasn’t enough for Neymar to flip the game off, though. (Interestingly, the Germans agreed at halftime not to “humiliate” Brazil, yet they still scored two more goals to make it 7-0).

It was only at that point – when it was 7-0 in the 80th minute – that Neymar reportedly couldn’t handle it. Too bad since he missed his teammate, Oscar, knocking one in to avoid the shutout late in the match. 

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