Apparent dive from Brazil's Fred leads to decisive goal

fred brazil world cup
Dive? (Getty Images)

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Croatia had Brazil on the ropes.

After an early own goal gave the Croatians a 1-0 lead, Brazil scrambled to get back to even. Neymar made it happen, and the second half was largely a slap fight at midfield.

Until this.

It's pretty plain that Fred goes down with little manipulation, but he was able to get the benefit of the call. Home cooking? Maybe.

But the job wasn't done, as Neymar was tasked with burying a penalty kick to break the tie, and he almost didn't.

Croatian keeper Stipe Pletikosa almost turns the Brazilian star away, but can't quite get enough on Neymar's shot.

In the end, Brazil will add another goal to make the final 3-1, but it seems the Fred dive may dominate conversation on the Cup's opening day.

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