Countdown to Brazil: Please come visit, Zlatan

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic may be in Brazil after all. (Getty Images)

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Come on, Ibra: Speaking of World Cup visitors, Brazil is making a push to get Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the tournament. After Sweden was ousted from qualifying, Ibrahimovic famously said that the World Cup without him would not be worth watching.

In that spirit, Dani Alves and some Brazilian stars from the past made a pitch to Ibrahimovic.

It worked (maybe)!

More rosters released: Preliminary rosters continue to roll in, and Wednesday brought on the likes of Croatia, Greece, Ecuador, and Iran. No major surprises across the board, and with final rosters due June 2, these are still subject to change.

Getting robbed? Play it cool: Welcome to Brazil, sports fans! It must be like a dream come true for many to see one of the world's greatest spectacles, the World Cup, in Brazil, a soccer hotbed. Enjoy the scenery, traveler, and don't make any sounds if you're getting robbed.

That's at least the advice offered by Brazilian authorities, who will reportedly be distributing pamphlets warning foreigners not to"react, scream, or argue" if they are being robbed. 

Wayne Rooney believes; his government does not: England striker Wayne Rooney thinks his team has a chance to make a run at the Cup.

"I believe we can go all the way in Brazil, I really believe that," Rooney said this week.

The British government, however, isn't so sure. Since many matches will be played past England's mandated 11 p.m. last call at pubs, the government has allowed that some laws will be relaxed during England's matches. So the House of Lords was discussing the temporary laws, and the belief is, well, the Brits won't be sticking around too long.

England are certain to play in the matches of the first period of the tournament -- I think that we can all agree on that," Home Office Minister John Taylor told the House of Lords, according to the Associated Press. "But that there is a high probability that England will not play in later matches.

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