Croatia reaches 2018 World Cup final and Twitter is letting England know it's not coming home

This World Cup has been brimming with hope for and England team that seemed to have precious little of it coming in, but in the 109th minute against Croatia in a semifinal match, that hope appears to have been snuffed out. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the "it's coming home" battle cry echoing throughout England's streets.

The game-winning goal came from Mario Mandzukic, a Juventus player that just became a Croatian legend.

Twitter, which has mostly been #TeamComingHome since the group stages, abruptly turned on the Three Lions as only Twitter can, as dormant England haters rose from their summer-long slumber.

Regardless of the result, it's been a magical Cup for England. A team with incredibly low expectations, Harry Kane led the squad to its best result since 1990, when it came in fourth place in Italy. However, for fans that hate "It's Coming Home" -- and there are definitely a lot of them -- none of that matters. England is coming home.

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