Franz Beckenbauer snubs Qatar probe, banned 90 days from FIFA

franz beckenbauer
Franz Beckenbauer has earned a 90-day suspension from football-related activities. (Getty Images)

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Franz Beckenbauer has been suspended for 90 days from all football related activities at FIFA after refusing to cooperate in the investigation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Beckenbauer, now an advisor to FIFA, was a voting member of the executive committee in 2010, when Qatar was awarded the tournament.

According to the Guardian, Beckenbauer has so far refused to disclose who he voted for with regards to the '22 Cup host country. He claims the questions were sent to him in English and he didn't understand.

Beckenbauer has apparently refused twice to speak with United States prosecutor Michael Garcia, who is investigating the possible corruption.

"Therefore I politely requested a meeting in which we could talk about the matter in German," he said. "That was apparently not desired. That aside I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything to clear up the matter anyway."

Beckenbauer has won two World Cups with Germany, one as a player and another as a coach.

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