Germany-Brazil set Twitter on fire Tuesday and broke records

If you missed it, I wrote last week on the communal nature and crazed culmination of this World Cup and how it's come at the perfect time.

The way we watch, how we watch, the fact that, for Americans, the games are being broadcast at reasonable hours; using our phones, social media, the whole happening has been fortuitous for the sport both here on United States soil and around the world.

The Germany attack on Brazil Tuesday was practically gauche, but it inspired some serious hate-watching. And snark abounded. In general, conversation on social media flamed up more than ever before. Truly. No sporting event ignited Twitter the way Germany 7, Brazil 1 did.

The interactive data map, via Twitter:

We still can't track and properly correlate this kind of online social engagement to true "ratings" for the games, but no doubt the powers-that-be are taking notice and figuring ways to quantify it going forward.

It makes me wonder about the upcoming NFL season and how it will compare. It seems more and more people just want to be a part of the conversation. Shouting or joking or lamenting through your phone or computer has become proxy to being at the games. It's been amazing to watch.

Some more of the big info from Germany-Brazil:

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