LeBron from Brazil: World Cup is 'bigger' than NBA Finals

With the drama of his decision now over, LeBron James can finally take a moment to relax. After announcing that he would be rejoining the Cavaliers, James took off for Brazil en route to Sunday’s World Cup final.

James made four consecutive NBA Finals with the Heat, but he still said that Sunday’s anticipated spectacle – the final between Germany and Argentina – tops the NBA Finals.

“This is the highest you can get,” he said to the AP. “This is bigger than the NBA Finals in the sense that it’s the world and you have so many other countries here.”

He spent Saturday in a warehouse in Guanabara Bay as part of a Nike promotional event, watching as some Brazilian ballers took to the court. But Sunday’s all about Germany-Argentina.

“I’m not sure,” when asked who he thought would win. “I think Germany is the better overall team, but Argentina has one of the best players in the world, maybe the best, [in Lionel] Messi. But that’s why we play the game and we’ll see what happens.”

James clearly read up on our World Cup final preview. 

He also met up with Anderson Varejao, a Brazilian himself, who’s widely known as one of James’ favorite former teammates. Varejao is the the only player left on the Cavs who played with James previously.  

A minority owner for Liverpool in the Premier League, James said he’s spent a ton of time watching the tournament this past month, which probably explains why his decision dragged on for so long. 

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