Louis Van Gaal not really excited about consolation game

louis van gaal netherlands world cup
Louis Van Gaal is not excited about Saturday’s match. (Getty Images)

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If it were up to Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal, he'd already be back home preparing to start his tenure as Manchester United manager.

Instead he's in Brazil, waiting to play the host nation in the World Cup consolation match on Saturday.

He, um, doesn't want to be there. Basically, he thinks this whole thing is stupid.

"I think that this match should never be played," Van Gaal said after his side's loss to Argentina Wednesday. "I have been saying this for the past 10 years.

"We will just have to play the game but it is unfair. We will have one day less to recover and that's not fair play. But the worst thing is, I believe, there is a chance that you lose twice in a row in a tournament in which you've played so marvelously well. You go home as a 'loser' because possibly you've lost the last two matches."

Van Gaal is expected to trot out a watered-down Holland side, but Brazil has a bit more to play for after its embarrassing display Tuesday against Germany.

If anything, it will be interesting to see the level of play in a match where one team has pretty clearly stated it doesn't want to play.

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