Mexico's Herrera to players: No sex during World Cup

Mexico's coach Miguel Herrera really has good intentions. (USATSI)

Mexican national team coach Miguel Herrera wants his team thinking about football during the World Cup, not sex.

As such, Herrera has banned his team from having sex during the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. “If a player can’t go one month or 20 days without having sexual relations, then they are not prepared to be a professional player," he told Mexican paper Reforma. "All the players we have selected have a pretty good resume, they all have won great things, they have been champions, and they know what we want to achieve.”

“So then we will not be looking for sex or having sex at the World Cup just to have it, we are going to go after what we came for, a competition that gives us the opportunity to rise above and do something really great. … We talked about it because there was a buzz.” Herrera stressed the difference between club play, where there’s always next week, compared to the do-or-die format of the World Cup.

Herrera tweaked his comments on Wednesday, noting that he’s not “prohibiting” sex and knows he can’t enforce the policy, just that he hopes everyone’s on the same page as far as focus.

Herrera’s decree isn’t without precedent. Eight players were kicked off of Mexico’s Copa America team in 2011 after a prostitution party in Ecuador, so Herrera's obviously looking for none of that.

Think Herrera’s call is a bit harsh? Bosnia-Herzegovina coach Safet Susic doesn’t.

“There will be no sex in Brazil,” he said, bluntly. Tough break for the Bosnia-Herzegovinians.

The Brazilians, as ordered by coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, can have “normal sex during the World Cup,” but no acrobatic stuff. “Usually normal sex is done in a balanced way, but some like to perform acrobatics. We will put limits and survey the players.” 

Not sure how he intends to police that, but OK. 

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