Peruvian player hit in head by paper airplane during friendly with England

Wembley paper airplane peru england
Bored fans chucked paper airplanes on the Wembley pitch Friday night. (Getty Images)

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England beat Peru 3-0 in an otherwise uneventful World Cup tuneup for the British side, but also some dude in the crowd hit a Peruvian player with a paper airplane from the nosebleed section and it's pretty insane.

It's a little disorienting at first, but a noticeable white speck hangs around for a while then lightly strikes Hansell Riojas right in the noggin. And there was much rejoicing from the Wembley Stadium crowd of nearly 84,000.

If this turns out to be some Jimmy Kimmel skit or something, I, for one, will be very disappointed.


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