Watch Now: 2018 World Cup: Russia routs Saudi Arabia in opener, 5-0 (1:09)

Ekaterinburg Arena means a lot to the Russian people, but FIFA doesn't care about your history. FIFA wants a 35,000-capacity stadium for its World Cup matches, and it doesn't care how they get it. So Russia renovated Ekaterinburg with an additional 12,000 seats set on 149-foot tall temporary bleachers that stick outside of the stadium itself. 

While it appeases the two governing bodies to have the additional capacity, Twitter very much cares. Especially when the result looks like this:

Is it aesthetically pleasing? No. Not in the slightest. It looks like Ekaterinburg is made of folded-up cardboard and one of the walls fell. However, it got the job done, and that's what matters. If you're wondering what it looks like to watch from these seats, feast your eyes:

Even weirder: Some people noticed that there were an awful lot of empty seats in the arena proper.

But that apparently didn't stop people from sitting in the stands, as you can see in this overhead shot.

And people had a lot to say about the weird setup.

It looks a bit jury-rigged and arguably silly, but it looks like the bleachers had an unintended effect: The strange view allowed some fans to not be priced out. So people can mock it all they want, but the fans seem to appreciate the stands.