The Netherlands take third in the World Cup, easily beating Brazil 3-0

netherlands world cup
The Netherlands took care of Brazil in the consolation game Saturday. (Getty Images)

Brazil vs. Netherlands | Kickoff: 7/12, 4 p.m. ET | Stadium: Mane Garrincha, Brasilia

Well that was Brazil's chance to redeem itself after the beating it endured Tuesday. It did not go well.

The Netherlands got the scoring started immediately and never looked back, coasting to a 3-0 victory over the host country in the World Cup consolation match.

The scoring started almost immediately, as Arjen Robben was taken down in the box by Thiago Silva. The Brazilian defender earned a yellow card -- could've been red -- and Robin Van Persie sent in the ensuing penalty kick.

Daley Blind followed that with a goal after a poor Brazil clearance, so after just 17 minutes it was 2-0 Holland. Not quite as bad as the Germany game, but not good by any means, either.

Brazil found a bright spot in Oscar, who created numerous chances, but never were the Brazilians ever to really get anything of consequence. Holland added a late goal for good measure, finishing off a Brazil side that was probably finished well before the final whistle.

FINAL: Brazil 0 - Netherlands 3 (Van Persie 3', Blind 17', Wijnaldum 90'+)

Full time: It's all over but the booing.

90'+ -- The Dutch just rubbing it in now. Pretty easy, straight-forward goal from Holland. Wijnaldum bangs home a ground cross from Janmaat.

daley blind netherlands world cup

90' -- We're about out of time, but Jordy Clasy was just stretchered off for the Netherlands. He appears to be okay.

85' -- Brazil's one millionth free kick (unofficially) taken by Hulk. Cleared easily by the Dutch.

82' -- Robben goes down in the box, but no call. This came seconds after a somewhat wacky whistle for a foul at midfield. The officiating today has been pretty random and inconsistent.

80' -- Oscar has all day to line up a shot from a tough angle, but he lifts it well high and wide.

77' -- Hulk another decent chance, but he's dispossessed in the box.

75' -- And Hulk almost immediately has a go at goal. It wasn't close.

73' -- Hulk now on for Brazil.

68' -- Oh wow. Oscar gets a yellow for diving in the box. Kind of weird, because there was contact. You make the call.

64' -- Brazil earns another free kick, this one taken by David Luiz, who made one earlier in the tournament. This one handled by Cillessen, however, with little issue.

60' -- Brazil's best chance today, but Ramires' strike goes wide.

56' -- Oscar looking strong still, but Brazil just can't get anything moving towards the goal. The Dutch tighten up each time they get close.

52' -- Brazil with a great chance, but Paulinho just sort of lazily wasted it without even considering giving the ball up. They just do not look good.

50' -- Chances increasing for the Dutch. Not so much for the Brazilians.

47' -- Wow, interesting graphic there from ESPN. No team in World Cup history has come back from a 2-0 halftime deficit to win. Meanwhile, Julio Cesar nearly gave the Dutch another goal with some risky handles in front of goal.

46' -- Back underway. Luis Gustavo off, Fernandinho on.

Halftime: The Dutch have really slept-walk to a 2-0 advantage. Brazil has been the aggressor, but they haven't been able to generate many great chances in a seas of decent chances.

45' -- Oscar boots the free kick into the wall, and the rebound is blasted into the stands. Wasted chance.

43' -- Ramires gets whacked, and Brazil gets another free kick just above the box.

41' -- Van Persie tries a volley from deep, but not much of a threat. That was the Netherland's first chance in a while.

39' -- Dirk Kuyt's head is bleeding, so he's off being treated.

38' -- Oscar earns another free kick and David Luiz just can't get to the flick on the far post. Had all net in front of him. Spirited effort from Brazil over the last several minutes.

36' -- De Guzman gets a yellow for taking down Oscar on a run. Oscar has been involved today more than any other match this tournament. 

34' -- Another foul just north of the box, but Oscar's free kick is headed out for a corner, which yields only a Dutch counter-attack.

31' -- Oh boy here's the wave. The crowd is losing interest.

28' -- Oscar gets a call just outside the box, even though he may have tripped over his own feet. Free kick for the Brazilians, but the ball in sails high.

22' -- Decent chance for Oscar, but his grounder is scooped up by Cillessen without incident.

20' -- Brazil at least looks eager to get back in this, so perhaps we'll see an awesome comeback! But so far it has mostly been clumsy touches by the Brazilians. 

17' -- Forget all that Brazil is competitive talk. The Dutch scored again after a lazy clearance by David Luiz. Daley Blind is there to bang in his first international goal.

daley blind netherlands world cup

11' -- Another decent chance for Brazil, but the cross was high. They look at least somewhat competitive at this point!

6' -- I guess we'll get a chance to see what this patchwork Brazilian squad is made of here. Good cross in but Ramires unable to get a foot to it.

3' -- And a smattering of boos rains down on the Brazilian side. By the sound of it there are about 12 Dutch supporters at this match.

2' -- Uh, bad start. I guess those little girls weren't a good sign. Thiago Silva somehow only gets a yellow card after ripping Arjen Robben to through ground as the Dutch striker was one-on-one with Julio Cesar. Penalty kick from Van Persie is buried.

robin van persie netherlands world cup

Here's the foul.

1' -- And a mostly meaningless game has begun!


4 p.m. ET: A couple of little girls really nailed the Brazil anthem, you guys. A sign of good things to come? Plus Neymar is on the bench! He won't be playing, obviously.

3:50 p.m. ET: Welp, nevermind. Sneijder is apparently out with a pulled hamstring, replaced by Jonathan de Guzman.

3:40 p.m. ET: We know one thing: Louis Van Gaal does not want to be here. We'll see if his team decides to show up.

Brazil probably will be in search of redemption after the disaster that was Tuesday's match with Germany. Plus, David Luiz got this note from a child, which means he has no choice but to play his heart our. It's for the kids, you know?

Dani Alves, Fred, and Hulk will start on the bench for Brazil, and we'll see how long the stars up front for Holland -- Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, and Robin Van Persie -- remain on the pitch.

Here are the full lineups.

Brazil: Julio Cesar, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Paulinho, Oscar, Maxwell, Ramires, Luis Gustavo, Willian, Jo, Maicon

Netherlands: Cillessen, Vlaar, De Vrij, Martins Indi, Blind, Van Persie, Sneijder Jonathan deGuzman, Robben, Kuyt, Clasie, Wijnaldum

Match Preview: This isn't where either team had hoped to be, but Brazil and the Netherlands will face off Saturday to determine the third-best team in the world!

Yeah, not all that alluring, huh?

Well, maybe it could be. After what happened to Brazil Tuesday, it's safe to assume they're playing for more than pride. Hell, they're playing to regain respectability in front of their own countrymen -- and also hoping to keep Neymar tuned in for the full 90 minutes.

It's a different tune for the Netherlands. They've been too close too many times -- it's not difficult to imagine the Dutch will have some trouble getting up for this one. But there is a lot of pride on that squad, and this could be the last run for Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, and Robin Van Persie.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what brand of soccer rules Saturday. Remember, these are hyper-competitive professionals; this won't be some lazy exhibition. 

Again, especially for Brazil, a country where soccer is deeply embedded in its roots. They're not just going to show up and roll over, especially after what happened Tuesday.

In short, don't expect this to be a hand-fight. These sides want to win.

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