VIDEOS: US fans explode after John Brooks' late goal vs. Ghana

There were a few seminal moments in the US’s heart-stopping 2-1 victory over Ghana on Monday, but nothing, nothing can top John Brooks’ heroics in the 86th minute. 

Four minutes after the US had surrendered the lead, Fabian Johnson battled hard for a late corner kick, and on came Graham Zusi for the set piece. He lined up, picked his target and scorched a ball directly at the 21-year-old German-American. Brooks’ bouncing header set off a wild string of celebrations, each one more hair-raising than the next. Enjoy. 

First we start in Missouri via the MLS's Sporting KC. 

That is beautiful. Next we've got the beer-soaked reaction in Nashville. 

Chicago's Grant Park doesn't get the goal itself but the sheer size of the celebration is stunning. 

The American Outlaws' outburst is Birmingham is so, so good. The intimate images, the eerie silence before the goal followed by the explosion. Outstanding. 

Stand up, Denver, Colorado!

A little blurry, but I like the crowd's bouncing effect in Atlanta.

Wait, was Nashville the beer-soaked celebration? I meant Houston. I definitely meant Houston. 

How about the view from Copacabana Beach in Rio? Chills.

Damn right US fans travel well. And finally, the view from inside Arena das Dunas

Simply amazing. Did I miss any great reactions? Tweet them to @RealMikeSinger

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