WATCH: Argentinian passengers erupt over semifinal victory

There is nothing more stressful on a soccer fan than enduring penalties to see if your national team will head to the World Cup Final or not. It's excruciating drama when you watch, whether it's on TV or at the stadium.

OK, we take that back; the only thing more stressful than watching your team in penalties is not watching because you have a flight to catch.

After watching Argentina and the Netherlands battle to a draw through 90 minutes and into stoppage time, a flight from Neuquen, Argentina to Buenos Aires had a schedule to stick to and when the game got to penalties, the passengers were already airborne, left without access to follow the match according to the description attached to this video on YouTube. The pilot said the match was going to penalties and then they waited ...

Following what must have felt like an eternity, the pilot returned to the intercom and informed the passengers that Argentina had defeated Holland and commence the celebration. By celebration we mean uncontrolled screaming.

It was pretty similar to the celebrations in Buenos Aires. Apparently they like this sport they call futbol in Argentina.

All's well that ends well but let this be a reminder to check the international soccer schedule before you make your future flight plans.

H/t For the Win, @ChrisDier

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