WATCH: Clint Dempsey visits 'Late Show,' talks about broken nose

In yet another sign that the USA is like a locomotive picking up steam in its appreciatation of soccer, USA men's national team captain Clint Dempsey hit the late-night circuit on Wednesday with a visit to The Late Show With David Letterman.

Dempsey scored two of the USA's five goals in the World Cup, which ended with an extra-time loss to Belgium in the Round of 16. Yet it was something else on Letterman's mind; Dempsey's broken nose.

Go back to the first game for the US in Brazil and you'll recall Dempsey taking a kick right to the schnoze. It busted his nose, which let the blood flow like a leaky faucet. There was no penalty on the play and while Dempsey can laugh a bit about it now, he admitted that he was indeed just a little aggravated when it happened.

That helps to explain why players do tend to sell penalties a bit much, which is something Letterman brought up to Dempsey. Because, you know, there can't be a conversation in the US about soccer without the topic of embellishment coming up.

Dempsey handled that with the grace of Lionel Messi on a penalty.

It's pretty excellent to see the continued outreach of soccer in the States and seeing the national captain walk out to fans chanting USA! USA! but it just feels as though his trip to Late Night was missing just a little bit.

He should have been the musical act, too.

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