WATCH: Massive crowd celebrates Germany's World Cup victory

Germany won its fourth World Cup on Sunday. (Getty Images)

The German national team celebrated its World Cup victory on Tuesday in Berlin with a bit of dancing, tons of cheering, some choreography and, of course, a few beers. 

As many as half a million people showed up at Brandenburg Gate, according to the Daily Mail, to embrace their team after the Germans beat Argentina 1-0 in Sunday's World Cup final. They even choreographed a clever stunt to unveil the World Cup trophy to the masses. 

It wasn't quite Colombian-level style dancing, but the Germans held their own. 

And here's German keeper Manuel Neuer leaping in front of the crowd. Fortunately, there were no defenders in his way. 

Manuel Neuer, punching away an imaginary shot. (Getty Images)

There were, of course, a few obligatory selfies as well. 

And finally, just an awesome, awesome scene: 

That looks pretty fun. Sorry, Lionel.  

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