WATCH: Police fire tear gas at World Cup protesters

The video above features CNN reporter Shasta Darlington attempting to give an on-camera, live dispatch from Sao Paolo, Brazil, when police fire tear gas toward the milling crowd of protesters littering the scene.

Darlington said she was hit by a discharged tear-gas canister.

It's a brief but scary moment and look inside what Brazilian residents and law enforcement have been dealing with in recent weeks -- and could be faced with throughout the next month.

Darlington reports that this protest was being held 11 kilometers (nearly seven miles) from Corinthians Stadium, the site of Thursday's opening match: Brazil vs. Croatia. It's the only match scheduled for the World Cup's opening day; three more games will be held there on Friday.

The riots are a result of plenty of citizens' unrest and anger over Brazil even hosting the World Cup. A reported $11.3 billion went into the country constructing and spending money on the event, but people are outraged that hospitals, schools and housing remain veritably poor in so many areas.

There is also agitation over all the construction and delays that have interfered with day-to-day life for those living in many spots in Brazil. Reuters reports Thursday's protesting involved approximately 200 people who were "trying to cut off a key avenue leading to the Corinthians Arena where the soccer match will be played on the eastern edge of Sao Paulo."

The main risk, for both fans and the government, appears to be violent street demonstrations. Protests and labor strikes are planned in the 12 host cities, including a 24-hour slowdown by some airport workers in Rio de Janeiro, although the threat of a long subway strike in Sao Paulo has eased. About a dozen disgruntled airport workers blocked a road outside Rio's international airport on Thursday morning, causing heavy traffic, local media reported.

Sao Paulo is the biggest city, by population (20 million), in Brazil, and will be host through the semifinals on Wed., July 9.

Here's another video, via The Daily Mail, of the conflict from earlier on Thursday.

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