The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup begins this week and it is time to take a look at what every team will be wearing for the tournament. Here are how all 24 teams jerseys rank from worst to first.

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24. France

Sticking to their typical color scheme, France's away kit is traditional in color and style and includes a subtle nod to their informal nickname, "l'hexagone". The polka dots are not the most aesthetically pleasing.  

23. New Zealand

Keeping it classic with a black and white palette, New Zealand's jerseys pay homage to their home with a Māori silver fern detail.  

22. Japan

The polka dot combination is definitely better than France's, but this jersey is hard to look at. Japan's kit for the 2015 Women's World Cup were much nicer.  

21. Cameroon

The Cameroon kit is very simple. It features the Puma logo in the middle, with the federation's logo on one side and a lion on the other because of the team's nickname, The Indomitable Lionesses.  

20. Thailand

Thailand is the only team in the tournament who had its jersey manufactured by Warrix Sports. Its design is a little simple, but the color scheme works.  

19. Scotland

This is a plain look for Scotland. Their blue and pink jerseys include very subtle patterns, keeping all the focus on the sport itself.    

18. Spain

Another power color alert! Spain's prominently bright red kit includes pops of yellow and navy.  

17. England

England played it pretty safe with its jersey choice. The flowers and faunas in its red jersey are not very noticeable and it looks like a solid red.  

16. South Korea

South Korea's home kit seems simple with a bright red shirt and black shorts, but also pays homage to the trigrams of their national flag. It's all in the details.   

15. Netherlands

Female empowerment for the win! The all-orange home kit features a tulip-inspired graphic, alongside the familiar Dutch badge - changed from a Lion to a Lioness two years ago.  

14. Canada

The simplest jerseys in this tournament. America's neighbor to the North did not go for an eye-popping kit.

13. Italy

This is a perfection traditional Italian jersey. The Italian flag on the edge of the sleeves is a really nice touch.

12. United States

The United States kit is based on the 1999 World Cup-winning kit. To keep with the typical American theme, the red, white and blue jerseys feature a star design.  

11. Chile

The striped jersey would be a lot better if it went across the whole front of the jersey. Leaving a gap in the middle is not going to be the most aesthetically pleasing to look at.  

10. Argentina

The black Argentina kits are clean. Adidas did a fantastic job of constructing this kit with the traditional light blue and white design.

9. China 

The pattern on the silver jersey is amazing, combined with the bright orange shorts and socks. This kit just works.

8. Norway

With a blue and red color palette, the Norway kits were inspired by traditional Norwegian colors and the patterns of Norwegian skiing jumpers.   

7. South Africa

With a similar color palette to Jamaica, South Africa's home kit showcases a bright shade of yellow, while their away kit features bold horizontal stripes in carious hues of green.   

6. Nigeria

Nigeria is sticking to the trends while also showing a tribute to their past. Their neon green jerseys act as a subtle tribute to the men's 1994 kit.    

5. Jamaica

Wouldn't expect anything else from team Jamaica. Their yellow and green jerseys incorporate a pattern that makes us want to jam with the Reggae Girls. 

4. Germany

Germany's jerseys include a linear pattern which complements Adidas' stripes perfectly. 

3. Brazil

This season, Brazil will be mixing old school and new school. Their home jerseys consist of the traditional yellow and green color palette, while their new jerseys have a geometric pattern of constellations inspired by Brazilian indigenous warriors who, according to legend, turned to stars after death.  

2. Australia

The Matildas yellow jersey is very nostalgic, with a 1990s vibe to it, but it works and the color scheme is perfect. The inside of the kits also have the words, "Never Say Die," a phrase that resonates with the Matildas history.  

1. Sweden

These jerseys make Sweden the big winners of this tournament regardless of the outcome on the field. The numbers on the back of each jersey will showcase a collage of female history makers, honoring the influential women who have made an impact on this world.