World Cup 2018: Senegal scores bizarre goal on Poland thanks to a referee snafu and a sneaky interception

In Group H of the FIFA World Cup in Russia on Tuesday, Senegal took a shocking lead over Poland, but the manner in which it got there was bizarre. The first goal was a Poland own-goal, in which Idrissa Gana's shot ricocheted off of Poland defender Thiago Cionek. The second goal was even more unfortunate, with Senegal's M'Baye Niang returning to the pitch after suffering an injury, without Poland being aware.

It looks as weird as it sounds. Take a look:

While this looks completely illegal at first glance, Niang didn't do anything wrong. He was injured, and he came off due to that injury. He slipped onto the pitch onside after the assistant referee waved him on, and as weird as it looks (and it is weird), it still resulted in Senegal's second goal.

That goal would be the eventual game-winner, with Senegal winning the match 2-1.

As you'd expect, people freaked out about the decision to wave Niang back onto the field.

However, as much as people questioned the official's decision, Wojciech Szczęsny's decision to come out and leaving Niang with a wide open net did not go unnoticed.

We also saw some VAR limitations in this situation. While Poland pleaded for the goal to be reviewed, everybody knew what happened. Niang was completely within the rules, and for that reason, the goal should stand as called. The question, of course, is whether or not he should have been on the pitch in the first place.

This also raises another question: Why did Poland play the ball back, whether it knew that Niang was on the field or not?

Like we said, it's a really weird goal.

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