World Cup: No, Landon Donovan cannot replace Jozy Altidore

landon donovan world cup
Sorry, Lando can't replace anyone on this roster for any reason. (Getty Images)

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When United States forward Jozy Altidore came up lame with what is currently being referred to as a strained hamstring, fans across the country began crowing for Landon Donovan -- U.S. soccer legend -- to replace Altidore on the roster.

This is not possible. The rules stipulate that only the 23 players named to the final roster are eligible for play at the World Cup.

Below is the relevant passage from the FIFA rule book:

Only these 23 players .. shall be permitted to compete in the final competition.

-The final lists shall be published by the FIFA general secretariat. 

-A player listed on the final list may only be replaced in the event of serious injury up until 24 hours before the kickoff of his team's first match.

It's pretty black and white. Even if Jurgen Klinsmann were to want Donovan on the squad, it wouldn't matter.

Let's just use our energy hoping Jozy is okay.

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