World Cup soccer comes to 'Fortnite' with new skin update with team kits

Half-game, half-meme "Fortnite" is getting a new addition, as the newest update will introduce customizable World Cup skins. Players of the Battle Royale-style game will be able to wear their favorite team's kits, down to the number. "Fortnite" tends to stay up with current events, so it isn't surprising they're adding an update with the biggest tournament in the world.

It's unknown as of now which teams got skins, or even if all of them did. Licensing could play a part in that. The skins aren't all that they've added, either. Users also noticed that a landing spot was replaced with a World Cup stadium, allowing players to "take the field" so to speak.

There's even a juggling emote.

"Fortnite" is known to keep its finger on the pulse of pop culture. It utterly broke the game with a Thanos update when "Infinity War" came out. So it would have been shocking if they would have just let the World Cup pass by.

Don't be surprised to see someone have a "Fortnite" celebration at this year's World Cup. The love between the game and the sport is clearly mutual.

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