Andy Murray alludes to following Roger Federer's lead and cutting down on 2019 schedule

Roger Federer took the French Open off this year after winning the Australian Open in order to keep himself fresh for grass court season. It appears that Andy Murray, who missed four majors between Wimbledon 2017 and the US Open this year, may be following suit. Murray has been battling a hip injury that required surgery in January, and he made it to the second round of the US Open before losing to Fernando Verdasco.

Murray said that his success next year will determine how much he plays in 2019.

"What's relevant is really how many matches you're winning," Murray told Sky Sports. "If you play a reduced schedule – like 10 or 11 tournaments in a year -- but you only win 10 matches, playing 20 matches in a year is not really enough.

"You ideally want to have a lighter schedule and be winning matches. When you're coming back from a long lay-off, when rankings drop so you're not seeded in tournaments, it's difficult to do that. So I'll manage my schedule based on how I'm doing in the tournaments and if I'm winning a lot of matches then I'll certainly reduce [the amount of matches played in comparison to] what I used to play. If I win a tournament then I can certainly skip the following week which is not something I've done in the past."

Murray went on to say that the clay court schedule may be the one impacted.

"Maybe during the clay-court season I might look to reduce my schedule a little bit there," he continued. "You know, play a bit less potentially to give myself bigger chunks in the year where I'm giving myself time to train and let my body rest and recover."

Murray is a player that gauges his success almost exclusively in wins. He said prior to Wimbledon that he wouldn't compete if he felt he couldn't win, and indeed pulled out leading up to the tournament.

If Murray does shorten his schedule, then Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal could be the last of the Big Four playing in the French Open come 2019. Djokovic has revitalized his career coming off of an injury, something that the former No. 1 player in the world and three-time Grand Slam champion Murray is seeking to do as well.

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