Tennis: Australian Open

Players and support staff at the Australian Open were forced into isolation on Wednesday after a hotel quarantine worker in Melbourne tested positive for COVID-19. In total, the players and support staff amounts to an estimated 600 people -- all of whom will now have to isolate until that are able to receive a COVID-19 test, according to Reuters.

There were six warm-up events scheduled for Thursday at Melbourne Park, but they have been canceled. Organizers explained on Twitter that an updated schedule will be released on Friday.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews doesn't expect the actual Australian Open matches -- which get underway on Monday -- to be impacted by the situation.

"At this stage there is no impact on the tournament proper," Andrews said. "I must say (the Australian Open) is important to us but the issues are much broader and that is about public health and public safety. This is one case. There's no need for people to panic. There's no need for people to be alarmed.

"There is a number of about 500, 600 people who are players and officials and others who are casual contacts," Andrews said on Wednesday. "They will be isolating until they get a negative test and that work will be done tomorrow."

According to a statement from COVID-19 Quarantined Victoria (CQV), the hotel worker who tested positive worked his last shift at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne this past Friday.

"We are contacting all Australian Open players, officials and support staff who were staying at the Grand Hyatt during the entire period," the CQV said.

An estimated 1,200 players, coaching staff and officials have arrived in Australia over the last month for the Australian Open. Everyone was forced into a mandatory 14-day quarantine for the safety of everyone involved. 

The players were only allowed to be outside for five total hours for training purposes. This came after three different charter flights had passengers that tested positive for COVID-19.