College tennis player withdraws from match after vomiting on the court and suffering leg cramps

Alex Lebedev, a 22-year-old tennis player at Notre Dame, had to withdraw from a match on Monday after he suffered leg cramps and vomiting.

Lebedev was looking to qualify for the Challenger in Lexington, Kentucky against Vasil Kirkov but the 89-degree heat halted his goal. With temperatures even hotter on the court, the pro tennis hopeful experienced cramps and nausea.  

During his third set, he had leg cramps that made him unable to stand up straight, but he managed to forge on to go ahead 5-4 against Kirkov. 

The day then took a turn for the worst for Lebedev, who began vomiting on the court. 

Lebedev was crouched over by his side of the court, clearly not feeling well, and wiped his face with a towel, in an attempt to recover and get back to play. He apologized for the scene while the court was being cleaned up. Play was suspended for nine minutes.

The match resumed but Lebedev was unable to continue after a second set of leg cramps caused him to withdraw from the match. 

A tennis fan reached out on Twitter to wish Lebedev well, and he responded saying, "thank you."

Lebedev is working his way up to pro status, competing in the ITF and APT Challenger events. While there was no money set aside for this event, the winner of Monday's competition did get a spot in another match that pays $260 to the winner. 

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