Tennis: French Open

Danielle Collins is no longer participating in World Team Tennis. She was dismissed from the event in West Virginia after announcing breaking the coronavirus protocols, WTT revealed in a statement. The Orlando Storm team member left The Greenbrier Resort as well as the state of West Virginia, which is a violation of the current health and safety protocols in place for the players.

"We have dismissed Danielle Collins (Orlando Storm) for the remainder of the 2020 World TeamTennis season after breaking our COVID-19 protocols and leaving The Greenbrier Resort and the state of West Virginia," WTT said. "The protocols have been put in place and communicated numerous times to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches and staff which are of utmost importance to WTT."

No further detail was given about where Collins was traveling to or why she decided to leave the state.

According to, the Orlando Storm team found about about the protocol breach on Monday afternoon when she Collins was not available a scheduled COVID-19 test.

She didn't tell anybody she was going anywhere. We were having a blood test yesterday. In the group chat it's 3 p.m. and we're leaving at 3:30 p.m. and she's like 'I'm in Charlottesville [Virginia],'" her teammate Tennys Sandgren said.

Storm coach Jay Gooding says he understands the decision WTT had to make. 

"They had no choice but to handle it like that, from my understanding," he said. "I think it was made pretty clear that people weren't allowed to leave the property, obviously for safety reasons."

Gooding told that he believes Collins left the area "for nutritional purposes to get some food and supplements" and added that she is likely upset about the whole thing.

The 26-year-old spoke to CBS Sports prior to arriving at the tournament and expressed the multitude of measures she was taking to remain safe against the virus.

She drove to the tournament to avoid flying, bought her own gym equipment during quarantine so she could stay home and was not visiting friends or leaving her house often, she said. Collins, who is immunocompromised, told CBS Sports that the safety measures put in place by WTT made her feel comfortable about playing in the tournament.

"There's so many safety precautions put into place, it's going to create the utmost protective environment," she said. "And I think everybody can feel comfortable and knowing that we're doing the right things to make sure everyone's safe and healthy."

WTT's safety measures include regular COVID-19 tests, temperature checks, limited fans, no contact between players on the court and making sure players stay inside the bubble that is the resort.