French Open: Juan Martin Del Potro aids injured opponent, is the definition of class

Pettiness can be fun, but sportsmanship is so much better.

Juan Martin Del Potro, a player known for his compassionate nature, knows a thing or two about dealing with injuries. Perhaps it was this experience that made him so sympathetic to his opponent, Nicolas Almagro, when Almagro came up lame in a match that was tied at one set each.

Del Potro knew that something was wrong when he sent a serve that Almagro didn't move towards, but rather stood on the baseline hunched over in pain. Del Potro went over to Almagro to check on him, and Almagro collapsed to the court.

Del Potro remained with Almagro throughout the entire ordeal, accompanying him off the court and to the bench. After giving him a bear hug, Del Potro kept his arm around the injured player and continued to speak to him until he packed up Almagro's bag for him.

The display of sportsmanship came just a day after Laurent Lokoli refused to shake his opponent's hand after a grueling five-set loss..

Del Potro appeared to be dealing with an injury himself, so it made the injury all the more ill-timed for Almagro. One can only hope that Almagro recovers quickly, and that Del Potro will be OK for his next match. 

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