Insane John Isner vs. Kevin Anderson Wimbledon match left tennis fans stunned and frustrated

Friday's semifinals match between Kevin Anderson and John Isner on the men's singles side of Wimbledon was an an incredible, epic and frustrating back-and-forth affair. The match lasted more than six hours, making it the longest semi-final match in the history of Wimbledon, and the second-longest in total. 

Ultimately, it was Anderson who prevailed, taking the match 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, 6-4, 26-24. The 50-game final set took about three hours alone.

As it all unfolded, the reaction to the marathon match seemed to be a mixture of emotions. Some fans were shocked and awed by the sheer length and absurdity of the contest, while others also voiced a frustration with the first match of the day delaying the real headliner -- the semifinal matchup between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Not surprisingly, the insanely long match reignited discussions about whether tennis needs to institute a tiebreaker to avoid these kind of circumstances. Even Anderson himself used the match to call for change in format.

Regardless of how you felt when the match started -- or who you were rooting for -- it felt like pretty much everyone was begging for a conclusion by the time this one wrapped up. There's not much a person can tolerate in excess of six hours at a time, and this was one of the most incredible, and yet excruciating, sporting events you're likely to witness for a while.

Maybe the most excruciating part of all is that Anderson now has to turn around and get ready for the championship on Sunday, while Isner has to face the harsh reality that this preposterous marathon match was all for naught.

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